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Do you need a new car key now but don’t have the budget? Need a lock fixed on your home today but can’t pay till next week? No problem.  We have two options for you to explore.




We understand that times can be tough so we searched out some options for you to explore.  Both Affirm and Zip will allow you to “Buy now – Pay later”.  Basically you setup an account with one of these companies, connect your payment credit card and they will cover the full balance up front to us and allow you to split the balance across four or more payments making it easier on you.  You can get what you need now and pay for it over time.  Neither of these companies run a hard credit check.  Both of these companies will work with people that have less than ideal credit.  Once approved you can use this service almost anywhere as often as you like, not just with us!


To use one of these services with Mark Raybin General Locksmith you would need to:

  1. Download one of their apps to your phone.  Setup an account.
  2. Find out how much you get approved for. If you do not qualify for enough to cover the balance of the service you are seeking to get, you would need to cover the remaining balance up front via a separate transaction that you supply.  It may be best to get a full estimate before applying to make sure you can get approved for the amount you are looking to finance.
  3. Create a virtual credit card for the balance of your total bill with us after tax.
  4. We would tap to pay using your phone as the credit card or manually enter the virtual card info to run this virtual card.




We are not affiliated or in any way associated with either of these companies.  We do not know of or offer any type of intermediary support for either of these companies.  If you have any issues you would need to contact them directly.  We are only sharing them as options for your convenience.  Usage of their services is entirely up to you.

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Get your new safe installed by the experienced locksmiths from Mark Raybin General Locksmith — a locally owned company that’s been operating in the York, PA area for years.


We are the trusted locksmiths in the area and can handle all your lock and key needs with ease.

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