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If you are looking for an affordable, quick, and easy no key option to add a little extra security to your door look no further than the defender door lock system. This is similar in functionality to the same locks you see inside a hotel room that allow you to keep the door locked from the inside. There is no key override. You need to physically be inside the building and manually unlock this lock once engaged.

This is a great option if you have small children or live in an area where you are concerned about intruders gaining entry while you are in your home.

You can install yourself.

That’s right. If you have enough gap in your door frame that you do not require chiseling depth into the frame to allow the door to still close then you are in luck. There are only 4 screws needed during installation. You will require a drill to create pilot holes for the screws to fully screw in properly. Other than that a simple screwdriver is all you need.

First, with your door open hold the defender in an open position up against your door frame in a comfortable position. It should be at least six inches above your door knob or deadbolt.
Close the door. Close the knuckle on the defender and slide it so that it is just snug against your door.

Open the defender, open your door, take a pencil and mark the locations of your pilot holes then set the defender aside.
Next drill the pilot holes with a 5/64 drill bit at least 1/2 inch deep.
Hold the defender back in place, place the screws in the pilot holes until all are snug and secure.

Close the door and check to see if any adjustments are needed for the door to open and close freely, and that the knuckle latches properly and snugly. Adjust accordingly if needed, other ways you are good to go.

Consider upgrading to beefier screws that what is provided.
You can pick these defenders up most hardware stores or on Amazon. I also have them for sale in my shop at 2375 Eastern Blvd, Unit C, York PA 17402. The screws that come with them are OK, but a little on the thin side. I always recommend a more durable steel screw than the ones provided as they do have a tendency to strip and break during installation. If they break during a normal install I wonder how well they would hold up to someone kicking on the door?

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